Aviana Madagascar 2024

Dates : 12-15 Sept 2024

Venue : Le plus grand hall, Antananarivo,


Madagascar is the world's 47th largest country and the fourth-largest island. In 2016, the population of Madagascar was estimated at 24 million.

Livestock is widespread, with about 60 percent of rural families depending on it for their income. Animal production is dominated by extensive livestock rearing, pigs and poultry. There is also a growing modern poultry industry around the main cities. In 2008, livestock accounted for 9.7 million of head of cattle, 2 million sheep and goats, 1.4 million pigs, and 26 million poultry. Overall, meat production was estimated at 251,000 tons; milk, 530,000 tons; and hen eggs, 19,000 tons.


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Dates: 12-15 Sept 2024

Venue: Le plus grand hall, Antananarivo, Madagascar.

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